1200LE and Disconnect Sessions

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    I recently upgraded all the 1200 winterms at a site to the latest 5.56 firmware. The Citrix Server is MetaframXP on Windows 2000.

    I have noticed over time that the 1200 winterms will run for a period of time, and then disconnect. It is almost like they run out of memory or something because the session reports timeout, and you can’t really do anything with it except shut it down and start again.

    As an experiment I put an S10 on the network (same config) to see if that had the same issues, it seemed to at first but has been ok for about 2 weeks now.

    I have removed all logos, screensavers, VNC etc…from the wnos.ini file to see if that makes a difference, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue.

    I was wondering if running the network version of the firmware would free up more memory and help the units to operate?



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    Hi Matt,

    Check the avaliable RAM onthe 1200 from the system information box. I agree it sounds like the unit is running out of memory. Using the net boot code will actually leave the unit with less operating RAM as it loads all the code into memory.

    I have seen this issue with PNagent publishing apps but not on full desktops – which are you using?

    Try stepping the code down a few releases and see how that goes, also there is a slightly newer code as well (5.0.058)

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    Thanks TT,
    I asked Wyse about the firmware, they told me that was the latest (any chance I could…?)

    I am using a PNAgent…wouldn’t dare give them a desktop 😯

    I can put them to a lower version of firmware pretty easily (thanks to the help from this forum).

    I logged a call with Wyse, got nowhere, it seemed it was all a bit to hard to sort out.



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    I’m having a similar issue with S10 on a published desktop. When the users are idle the screensaver kicks in and after a few minutes is disconnected even though my ICA setting on the server are for 2 hours….

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    What firmware version are u using on the S10?
    Is the screensaver used from ICA session or local S10?
    Post your wnos.ini.


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