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I have exactly the same error.

I’m using the Netscaler to load balance a set of 4 storefront servers. These SF servers have the same certificates installed as the Netscaler and the WYSE boxes also have the certs installed (ROOT, Intermediate and Wildcard).

The logs state that the certs are installed. A NSTrace and Wireshark analysis shows a TLSv1 505 Server Hello, Certificate, Server Hello Done message so I know it’s getting somewhere.

NOTE: If I hit the LB VIP I get the SSL Error. However If I force the client to hit a single Storefront server’s FQDN it connects without issue. I also get this SSL Error if I try to hit one of our Netscaler Gateways.

It is also worth noting that I do NOT get any errors when I use a desktop to connect to the load balanced VIP.

Are you also able to hit a single SF server with success? Or perhaps you have resolved this already?