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Long story short – new account because I don’t remember my logins at work…

Checked the write filter three times to be sure I’m not crazy….I’m not. There is nothing in the Desktop or Start Menu for the User or All Users (or even Default User) that points to IE. And yet, there it is. 😯

This is using the latest & greatest W9000/941G from Wyse. I started with the B331 base; that one I haven’t checked for the IE issue yet, but there’s one other problem with the newest build.

The terminal connects to a Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 and runs an application there. This app maps a serial connection to a receipt printer. The newer versions Wyse embedded XP don’t seem to be correctly mapping this serial port. The base build does map the serial port correctly.

Third part – is the variable %clientname% deprecated? We’re using that successfully to point a drive mapping to a particular folder based on that variable, but that doesn’t seem to capture properly for these Wyse terms.