Re: usb 1.1 is awful

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I’ve used USB sticks for v90 imaging for a while. The thing that really drives me nuts…and maybe it’s hardware limitation with how the TC’s are put together, is the 1.1 speed. 20 minutes plus to image a v90 is way too long when i can image a XP PC with a 2-3 gb image in 8 minutes or less from a USB stick.

PXE is much faster for xpe devices, though this can be a real pain to get working depending on network topology and setup and of course it won’t work on wireless devices of which I have a bunch.

I’m just venting–this tool would be much better if my techs could image in the field and on the fly in the 5 minutes or less it should take if 2.0 speed was available. 🙁