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This may be a red herring, but I though it might be worth a try. I had a similar problem with full-screen desktops on a dual-monitor PC.

I had two problems that were somehow connected. When launching full screen sessions on a Dual-monitor PC running Receiver for Enterprise 3.2 with a XenApp 6.5 published desktop, the citrix menu (AKA “connection bar”, “desktop viewer”) did not appear. The second problem was that the taskbar was stretched across two monitors, and maximized windows would span both monitors.

When I tried the solution for the first problem, it magically fixed the second!

By default the “desktop viewer” is only enabled for XenDesktop, but we had grown accustomed to using it because it appeared all on its own with our old XenApp 4.5 farm.

I added the desktopviewer=1 line to the webinterface.conf of my PNAgent site on the Web Interface server and added ConnectionBar=1 to the [application] section of the default.ica file.

Like I said, I wasn’t expecting that one would have anything to do with the other but it worked for me. By the way, this connection bar only appears on Citrix Receiver so it won’t affect your Winterms.