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I really appreciate that image – I found some documentation on the Via site once I realized it wasn’t a custom motherboard… but the PDF I found didn’t document the FSB jumpers the image you provided did! Shifted one jumper and that switched from 100MHz FSB to 133MHz, resulting in a CPU speed jump from 550MHz to 733MHz! No crashing or thermal problems so far.

I did finally get the unit re-imaged, but it was a real Rube Goldberg solution – had to install the USB imager on a small HD in a USB case, then pull it out of the case and hook it up via IDE and boot it that way…. Immediately booted the 9450 up with a Linux LiveCD and grabbed a blockwise image so I don’t have to go through that again if I manage to foul it up.

Thanks for the help… I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot more as time goes by!