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In troubleshooting this issue you want to work with a smaller scope of the problem.

What VDI devices are you using in your topology?

Currently, in the new WDM there are no devices in your Device Manager, correct?

1. Reset VDI device back to “factory defaults”.

2. The VDI device should reboot and then acquire a DHCP address from the DHCP server. Verify and record that IP address.

3. Go back to the WDM and “Find Devices” and create a new IP Range for the IP address of the client only.

4. Refresh the device manager and see if the new device is added.

5. If not, go to the VDI device and check the network settings and WDM configuration to see if it is populated with the FQDNor IP address of the “NEW” WDM server.

6. If still failing, spanmonitor the switch port on which the VDI device is attached and repeat the process and capture a wireshark trace from the VDI device port.

I hope this helps