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We are experiencing a similar kind of issue. Citrix published desktop on XenApp 5.0. Helpdesk attempt to shadow a session and on random occasions the users session is disconnected. Sometimes the trap error is generated and a restart is required. Sometimes an out of memory error is displayed and user is brought back to the login screen. These errors are generated by the Wyse (V10L and C10L running 6.5.0_34).

Like most people have commented it appears to be an issue with certain websites. For us it appears to be due to Citrix session size. We are running on 22″ wide screens with 1920 x 1080 resolution. A login with only a couple of windows open is fine. Open a few more windows and it will crash every time.

However, we can reproduce this issue on a Windows PC with ICA client 12 running a published XenApp desktop at the same resolution. When you attempt to shadow the session it just disconnects from on the client pc.

Does anyone have any details on what AltCacheDisable setting does?