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I have the same problem with WDM4.7.1 on Windows Server 2003. Built a separate WDM Server dedicated to this, and after a lot of messing around, managed to get the S10 and X90L clients to check in and show on the list. I use the FTP server to manage S10s and this works fine, but I cannot collect an image from an X90L and send it out. WDM says it has captured the image, but the pacakage just has an empty folder in the repository. I left it a long while and eventually the package went to Active status, supposedly ready for rollout. I scheduled this to another factory fresh X90L and let it run, but I get a bxo which says ENVIRONMENT FAILURE and Please wait for unit to retry. It then just sits there. Calls to Wyse Support are useless as the Australian Support Centre does not call back and ringing a Wyse engineer direct told me to not use WDM at all. If they market these things, surely they should be able to provide the tools to manage them without all this wasted time.