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I’m having the same problem on my network. I have 80 Wyse S30 devices running CE5 FR3, some with FR3 hotfix 3. Just as mlgary stated, when SNTP syncing is checked off, the time corrects itself upon syncing and then goes off by one hour slower less than two minutes later. I’m in NY and this stopped occurring since the time change but I know the problem will begin to occur again when the time switches back. When SNTP automatic time sync is turned off, this issue does not occur. I have reset devices and have gotten the same results.

On the other hand, this issue does not occur on CE6. We only have a few devices with the required 64mb of flash memory so full scale upgrade to that version is not possible.

I’ve opened a case with Wyse about this but have not yet gotten a solution. Several DST patches have been attempted and failed.

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