Re: S50 V6.6.2-02 Package Requests If Possible Update

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I have been busy since the posting gathering up all the hardware pieces I need for the external device I will be using with the S50. In the past 20 minutes I have figured out all of the must haves and nice to haves except for nedit and lftp are in the BusyBox code. If someone is able to build the 1.16 BusyBox code for the S50 Linux V6.6.2-02 with all the commands enabled that would be great. The file config appears to be what was used to build downloadable binaries for 1.16. There appears to be no binary suitable for the AMD Geode GX processor of the S50 😥 I have not figured out yet how to compile BusyBox for the AMD Geode GX processor yet.

The next challenge is how to compile nedit to work with the libraries of Linux V6.6.2-02. Then I am all set. I need nedit rather than the built in VI of BusyBox for certain features in nedit not in vi.


John L. Males
Etobicoke, Ontario
19 March 2010 20:09