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Just as a head’s up, you can also use snmpset.exe as it can also be used to reboot a list of WYSE thin clients or a single one as well. Download snmpset here [] and install it. Then run the below cmd against a list of thin client IP addresses. PLEASE err on the side of caution when running this as it could be disruptive to end users if the incorrect IPs are in the list:

for /f %i in (c:tempthin_client_IP_addresses.txt) do @c:toolssnmpset -v:1 -c:SNMPWYSE -r:%i -o:. -val:0 -tp:int

The above runs snmpset against a text file which contains a list of IPs. The WNOS.INI has SNMP enabled along with setting the community string to SNMPWYSE [i.e. Community=SNMPWYSE]. The OID is .

Hope this helps. 🙂

This would be excellent if it works, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the information. Where did you find the OID? I’m curious if there is a different OID to trigger a factory reset remotely using this method.

I’m getting “%Failed to set value to SNMP variable. Timeout.” when testing this on a single client. I’ve set the SNMP community and it shows up correctly in the event log. I also tried explicity setting Service=SNMPD disable=no, but I assume it’s enabled by default. Any suggestions?