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@cmautn1 wrote:

I am trying to get the USB imaging to work, I have a V90L. When I press Delete on the Wyse screen “USB-KEY” isnt an option.

I see “USB-FFD” “USB-ZIP” and “USP-CDROM” All of these options say “Press A key to restart” when they are selected.

Anybody else with a V90 having issues similar to this?

I posted this below on another thread…anything I can do to help you please let me know.

“I successfully imaged a V90LE 2GB/1GB using a 2GB USB Memory Stick. The only issues I encountered was the image process failing during imaging from the USB. All you do to get around that is hit R for retry.”

I want to thank you all for the input and if I can be of any assistance I will be happy to advise on my experience.

I am now trying to figure a way to extract the image using a similar process to the above (excpet in reverse) and save it as a file. I have some custom software I use on the Thin Client and it saves me reconfiguring everytime…any suggestions?