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@Darron wrote:


When i try to send the latest XPe image from Rapport to a terminal, it reboots begins to PXE boot and connects to the server but stops with the error…

‘Searching for Interface…+-(HTTP)… OPEN Failure’

It then repeats ‘OPEN Failure’ four more times and then it fills the screen with…

‘Launch Attempt (xxx) ‘ftp//rapport:r@p8p0r+@xxxxx/Tools/sa/root.i2u’ : File Open ERROR for /root.i2u… Unable to continue’

I have connected manually using FTP to check the connection and it works fine and i have ensured that the Rapport user has FULL access to the inet folder.

Any ideas? This has only stopped recently.



I have seen the above error one and half year back, and resolved it. Try this may it also work for you. Goto ur System DHCP and Add the following server options:

1. Select DHCP Option 043 Vendor Specific Info and insert the decimal value O (zero) and ADD, then

2.Select DHCP Option 067 Bootfile Name (Class None)
STRING = rapportitf.0

Restart the DHCP Services and then try to image again, hope it will work.

A line of reply would be valued