Re: Re: DHCP FTP update wnos.ini and firmware

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@Chris_au wrote:

OK, so I know parts of this have been asked about before but…

I have a winterm 1200 which is in lockdown.

I want to upgrade its firmware from the 4.4 to the latest 5.3. I also want to puch an updated config so it talks to my shiney new XenApp 6 server.

DHCP, it’s definitley using it, DNS is resolving

FTP, I see the logon occur

Then all I get is “Cannot access system profile”

I have a windows (2008) FTP server, the wyse stuff is in inetpubwysewnos
Anonymous access is granted, and NTFS permissions are set. I can log in interactively and pull the files from any host I’ve tried.
I’ve tried every permutation of the FTP path in the DHCP options I can find, based on both the manuals and posts on FWM.

What am I missing? It’s not firewall, not credentials, not ACL’s…

I’m starting to get annoyed.


did you configured your Firewall on 2008 Server via

“netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFtp enable” ?