Re: re C10LE Remote Connection via NetScaler

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We are doing exactly this for over 300 devices now, C10’s connecting to our XenApp environment via Netscaler.

We have found the cleanest way to deliver the ini file to our broadband connected terminals is via the DHCP scope options 161 and 162, to do this you need a router that supports options tags such as the Cisco 800 series or the Sonicwall TZ security appliance, we use the Cisco router and have not tested the Sonicwall yet. We have an external IP for FTP and XenApp that is mapped in the Netscaler to an internal FTP and XenApp farm (Web Interface).

This can also be achieved manually but setting up the ini details internally on your LAN first i.e. create an ini file that has all the external Netscaler connection details and then deploy to site. We didnt go for this as it meant all updates would be manual in future.

We also used VeriSign certificates to secure the link between the device and Netscaler and restricted access by ACL and firewalls.

The other issue we struggled with at first was printing, we used the .print client in the end which seems to work well enough

Hope this helps you. Feel free to email me if you need more assistance.