Re: PXE over WAN

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We’re having the same issue.
Our 941GXL devices in the US are managed by a Rapport server in London. The devices get their DHCP from a separate London server by using an IP helper on the US office router. We’ve also added a helper address so the US devices can locate the Rapport server. This is working correctly and the thin clients are appearing in Rapport as “PXE Capable”. Unfortunately when attempting to “Get Device Image” the terminals simply reboot rather than kicking off the TFTP transfer. The devices are definitely set to boot to PXE first and we have proved this works on the London LAN.
I believe this is a firewall issue but the network guys refuse to believe me because they aren’t seeing anything being dropped when they setup a log trace on the Checkpoint FW. I think they should be allowing UDP => TFTP from the US source address i.e the US router. Does anyone agree/disagree or have any other suggestions?

Cheers in advance for your input.