Re: progress to CE.NET 4.2

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ThinkThin, thanks very much for your contributions as well 🙂

On my 8360SE I’ve managed to xfer/laplink across the bin file in the 506-4Wye1F_3360_FTP_CEN folder in the file “506.4Wye1F_3360_FTP.exe”, and it’s up and running CE.NET 4.2 fine. Well, I might keep it like that – the RDP stuff seems to work OK on that CE build, and I’m now looking at the addons I can put with WyseDeviceManager (If I can get a workgroup key for it)

IVDesk, could you share with us the part numbers of your unit(s) please?

I’m in the UK so I don’t know what the odds of a Walmart unit turning up on these shores – I got mine from a car boot sale in a sorry state having the PCB covered in liquid hand soap. Luckily it washed off…

Adrian C