Re: No CD burning support to WYSE Thin Clients

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Benjamin Elamparo Jr., a WYSE Technical Engineer Support Engineer, has notified me that currently there is no support for CD burning locally at a thin client.

Wyse_TCX_USB_Virtualizer provides support for certain USB devices and no CD Burning capabilities from locally attached USB CD Burner on the terminal as of yet.

Wyse TCX Virtualizerâ„¢ 1.0 redirects the USB drivers from the server infrastructure to the Wyse thin clients and functions as the virtual USB driver traversing over the network. Wyse TCX Virtualizerâ„¢ is a software enhancement layer which has both the server and client components that work intelligently to redirect USB device driver for
virtualized desktop environment.

❗ Also note: this only works with XPe and WTOS v6.1 clients with the server running Microsoft XP Professional with SP2 on VMWare’s ESX Server 3.0.1.

Retrieve the datasheet here for more information: