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I have been digging some more since we got some new x90m7 today.

I am able to pull image of the new machine. I have also no problem with pushing the original image(I just pulled) to the new machines. But as soon as i push one of our “old” images with the companies configuration on to the x90m7 this works but then I am not able to push more images to it.

So it seems to be some problems with the old images. I checked the package script i WDM and sees that the new image uses merlin 2.6.1 but the image we have done configuration on is using merlin version 2.5.0.

Could this be the issue?

If this is the problem, is there a possibility to upgrade Merlin in the old image? Either from the physical Wyse X90M7 or run a upgrade on merlin from the WDM? Or is the only solution to build up a new image from start from one of my new Wyse laptops?