Re: Network I/O error

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I’ll try to answer some of your questions in the reply as I can.

The terminals are running system version 6.2.0_08 and ROM 1.15i.
This info was from the system info screen.
When the error occurs it seem to happen on any of the 11 we have deployed and it could happen at any time. No pattern to it at this stage.

The terminal can’t be logged into in this state so I would assume that it can’t be reached with a ping. Haven’t had one do it today so can’t answer this one yet.

Don’t know if there are later versions of system code or bios availabe. It seems to be some thing that you can’t get from the Wyse site without paying extra money which I don’t agree with. If it’s available elsewhere I would love to know.

Hope some one can shed some light or help with this issue.

ChrisK (tpssupport)