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Hi CG,

You are right, I didn’t need enterprise. I was successful in updating both CE from 523 to 581 and the BIOS from 1.04 to 1.15. I was unaware the OS and BIOS were bundled together… Works great, just somewhat slower to boot and open new windows. I now see the USB Access icon in the control panel.

Not being familiar with CE, the thing that is kicking my butt now is trying to figure out how to access my USB flash disk from the term. I can’t find a file manager or file explorer. I tried to use IE locally but it hangs. Help!! How do I browse the file system from CE?

Also, if it works out as planned I will develop a program using Visual Studio ported to CE and I need to figure out how to get it to the term and how to make it run automatically on startup. I suspect that it can be done with WDM without reflashing everything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!