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The plot now thickens “read below” an updated Firmware version causes the problem.
But I have the exact same problem with another recomended card the Netgear WG111T 802.11b/g USB 2.0!
So what excuse will Wyse come out with for this one also listed on their site as compatable.

We have now identified the issue with the cards! D-link have updated the firmware on the cards and the Linux driver supplied to Wyse no longer works, here are the details of the cards:

D-Link Model No. : DWL-G132 H/W Ver. : A2 F/W Ver. : 1.02 – ( Working )

D-Link Model No. : DWL-G132 H/W Ver. : A2 F/W Ver. : 1.20 – ( Not Working )
We are awaiting a new driver from D-link to but into our builds and when this happens your card will be good to go. I will let you know when I have an update, I am not sure if the card you have is marked with the firmware however if your could have a look and let me know that would be great,