Re: Managed to get this working?

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Hi, I know this is an old post but i wonder if you managed to get this working.

I have a self created certificate trusted by our internal domain certificate authority server. This certificate is for for Citrix Single Sign On Account self service.
I have configured the wnos.ini for our Wyse C10LE running WTOS 7.1_122 to load the certificate.

The client successfully loads the certificate but when I go to account self service, request a password reset and enter my login credentials and domain I receive an “SSL UNKNOWN CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY” error.

I have confirmed the Password server address matches the certificate. I have also confirmed this certificate works on a PC on our domain.

Does the Certificate Authority need to be a particular trusted CA for WTOS?

Attached is the relevant parts of my wnos.ini

;* General 3 *

NoticeFile=disclaimer.txt Resizable=yes
AutoSignoff=yes Reboot=yes
AddCertificate=Citrix_SSO Password=*******

;* Network *