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Thanks CG
The reasons I have not done the published desktop in fullscreen mode are below.
1. We are a school with limited licensing.
2. For this reason I only allow only 1 instance of the desktop at a time.
3. Being a school users become a different problem.
Imagine this scenario.
Student A logs in using the published desktop.
Student B next to him turns off the terminal of student A.
Or a power failure on Student A terminal.
When student A tries to log back into the farm and the load balancing puts him on a different server, he can get no access because of the disconnected session & limit on instances of the desktop. (We had lots of problems with this type of configuration, Constantly heeps of disconnected sessions)
For these reasons we need to for the client to get the credentials and pass them through to the application.
That way when student A logs back in it will simply reopen the disconnected session.
That is what we are doing now and it works great.
I realize that under the restrictions I have put on the terminal the students cannot do anything to harm the terminal anyway, but if there is nothing there then they won’t even waste time trying.
Also it would make the look more seemless.
Anyway not to be! I am happy with how they are working now anyway….
Thanks again for you time and effort