Re: IE shortcut rsp script

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I tried the renaming of the shortcut, but it still sees it as on IE Shortcut and fails to copy.
So we gave up on that and had a co-worker create a VBS script that creates an Icon on the all user desktop.
The problem is the file copies over but fails to execute. Or errors out with this error Try 1:CreateProcess Failed:2 C:messageboard.vbs Line#: 29 Cmd:EX C:messageboard.vbs
This error is if I use the following
EX “C:messageboard.vbs”
If I use this EX
EX “C:windowssystem32cmd.exe /i C:messageboard.vbs”
It shows as running in WDM but does not execute on the device.

I can manually run the vbs script and it works.
Not sure why this is. Here is the script. Note some lines are REMd out
Description= Copies messageboard.vbs to c: and then executes the file. This will place a IE icon on all users desktop.
Category=other packages

;Date: 22-DEC-2008
;Prepared by Joe Carreiro
;This is for use with CRL Nevada Wyse v90 terminals running Windows XPe

;Query user with Now and 5 min delay option

QU “3”

;Check OS and Lock User


;Copy over new files

SF “messageboard.vbs” “C:messageboardmessageboard.vbs”
;EX “C:windowssystem32cmd.exe /i C:messageboard.vbs”
EX “C:messageboard.vbs”

LP “60”

;DF “C:messageboardmessageboard.vbs”