Re: IE shortcut rsp script

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OK, I have it down to an issue with the shortcut itself. So we decided to change tactics. A co-worker who is a wiz at vb scripts created one for me to create the shortcut on the desktop.
So now we run into this problem. During the EX command we get the following error: Create Process failed: 193
It copies the vbs file to the correct directory. It just does not run it…
The same vbs file works on my laptop.
Thanks again, and
Happy Holidays!

The script is:
;Date: 22-DEC-2008
;Prepared by Joe Carreiro
;This is for use with CRL Nevada Wyse v90 terminals running Windows XPe

;Query user with Now and 5 min delay option

QU “3”

;Check OS and Lock User


;Copy and execute new files

SF “messageboard.vbs” “C:messageboard.vbs”
EX “C:messageboard.vbs”

LP “60”

DF “C:messageboard.vbs”