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Cory and ConfGen tks for your help!

But I did it work, somehow..

I will tell what I did to do it..

I did some researh (google) and could find the Microsoft drivers for BTW, for XP2, the .inf files, and I plugged the BTW radio on my desktop, and located the drivers files.

In this point, I could find the drivers and theirs dependencies.

But it needed more, so, I saved the folder i386 from an Windows XP Professional with SP2 in a USB Pen drive, and uncompressed the cabinet file sp2 in another folder in my USB pen drive.

And I plugged the BTW radio, in Administrator account, with Write filter off, (of course it was in the Thin Client) with my Pen drive plugged on it.

Windows found an new hw, and I chose to locate the inf files from the inf that I copied from my desktop, Windows accepted it, and installed all four components (of course it asked for more files, but they could be found in i386 and sp2 folders)

After that the 4 components to BTH work was installed.

And I did the same thing to the bar code reader, And It worked fine too!

But now, starts the interesting point, if I left the BTW radio plugged on the S90, when Windows became “alive” and I can access system properties, the BTW radio is not there anymore, and I need to unplug and plug again to find it properly, but now, I don´t need to install all drivers again.

And I just need to do the first “read” of an bar code, this fails, but just after that, the bar code could work fine! So from the second read, all of them works fine..

Tks for all help! If somebody else needs some help with that, please email me.