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I see, The admin functions are not available because they are not yet configured, And the only way to configure is via the ini file in the ftp download -or the WYSE management tool, I suppose. I was a bit familiar with BOSanova products, and I always configured them via their management tool. But I guess I was never doing thin client deployment the way it was meant to be done.

I understand all about DHCP tags so that makes sense to me. There is only one problem . . .and it’s only a problem because I don;t know enough yet. This batch of thin clinets will be sitting behind a CISCO PIX router. As long as that router will allow me to set up the 161 and 162 tags, I should be good to go.

Then, once I have set up the FTP and configured options with admin functions via ini, the administrative mode will become available on the device?? Your a great help. And I spent quite a while at your website. Your ftp tutorial is great!