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@ericg wrote:

Just tried both of them; no luck. They have all given me some sort of error message when installing. I guess there is no support on XPe yet for PDF printing.

before you run installers on XPE winterms you might need to hook up a USB 2.0 hard drive or thumb drive and temporarily change the TEMP and TMP environment variables (both sets) to d:temp where d: is the letter of your USB2.0 drive.

right-click on my computer-> properties ->advanced->environment variables

Then change the TEMP and TMP variables at the top and then scroll down in the list at the bottom and change those too.

What does this do?

It gives installers more leg room to unpack before installation proceeds. By default, there’s only 16 MB of space in the default temp directory “Z:”, and this can cause problems that don’t even look like they are disk-space related.

I have used this method to install Anything I want on these winterms, inclunding Frontpage 2003 which I use frequently to write my HTA scripts.