Re: DSL was a Bust

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After thinking I had made some coding errors with the program I wish to use with the S50 it turns out the coding like problems were caused by DSL 4.4.10 and I suspect would happen with any version of DSL. This meant I spent 2 very long days thinking I was the cause of the error when it was DSL.

DSL also has a nasty habbit of using 100% CPU for the most basic GUI programs that one would keep open for awhile for reasons that make no sense. This means DSL heats up the device for a long time not to mention anything else you run, including other offending GUI programs, and as you do so or other instances of the the same GUI programs DSL get gets slower!!!! There are also bugs in some of the GUI based programs that result in runaway instances of these same GUI programs when these GUI programs never started their GUI interface. All the while the system has lots of memory available for use despite this. Usually at least 70Mb so the CPU 100% issue has nothing to do with memory. DSL was very disappointing.

I still have no reply from Wyse for the Linux source code and build environment. This means it is back to drawing board to find a USB bootable version of Linux that will work on the S50 and work with the command line program I wish to use. So sad that Debian Live will not work due to incorrect video mode settings that I have not been able to find a VGA= code to rectify.


John L. Males
Etobicoke, Ontario
23 March 2010 23:05
23 March 2010 23:28 Typo correction and added DSL comments. jlm