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I’m trying to deploy a series of S50’s to be used as bar code data collection devices, using a USB bar code scanner and the web interface to my HP-UX host. I’ve got one unit working but have tried to image it to other devices without success.

I’m quite new to all this but have been trying to learn WDM and the various methods of installing updates; .i2d files, pak files, .rsp files, etc.

Some of the S50’s I’ve aquired came with Linux 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 The one unit I have that’s working is running 6.4 so I figured I’d standardize on that. There are limitations to WDM when it comes to imaging but it could also be that I don’t know what I’m doing.

I’ve also discovered (the hard way) that a 64/128 MB S50 doesn’t have enough flash RAM to store the image I’m trying to push. I bought two of those, so consider that a $700 learning lesson.

So what’s the best way to image a device to others? In WDM (running with a 30-day trial license), I go in to Device Manager, right click on a device, and choose Get Device Configuration. I then drop that config on a device, but it only seems to copy config info, not the OS.

I was able to get the new OS there by using the “Wyse USB Imaging Creator v1.41” system. But it’s error prone at best and sometimes requires re-tries.

I have also tried Wyse Simple Imager with varying results, as well as Free Download Manager. But these seem to want a file type I don’t have, such as a .bin file when I have a .i2d file, or a .rsp file when I have a .64m file. Some need a .rsp file and my attempts at modifying an example .rsp failed.

I have found a way to easily load .pak files by ftp’ing them on the S50 from my PC. I put them in the /inetpub/ftproot folder and the S50 can see them.

Right now I’ve got this S50 (128/256 model) that’s running 6.4 but won’t load the USB driver correctly to use the wireless LAN. I can’t see a way around this (see previous message).