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I’ve run my WT9450XE for some time after changing the front-side bus speed from 100MHz to 133MHz – changing that jumper block above the right-hand side of the DIMM slots from 0101 to 1100. The boost in CPU speed from 550MHz to 733MHz seems to be quite stable and I haven’t had any thermal issues at ordinary room temperature.

Note – the RAM modules MUST be PC133 rated; I had put another stick in that turned out to be PC100 and I got a ton of bluescreens; once I made sure all RAM in the machine was PC133 – it was rock-solid.

The boost in processor speed of 33% is noticeable and useful to me. Obviously in a major deployment it might not be worth having to physically deal with each unit, but smaller deployments or where there just isn’t budget for newer units might find this information useful.