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I wasn’t able to find a local machine setting, but I think the one you have will work just fine.

The setting that you are configuring is for the default user. That means, from the point you make that change, any NEW user that logs in will get that setting and it should work. Which is good; you should make this setting as well just in case your profiles ever get corrupt or you add new users to the client.

To “fix” the other users, you will need to open regedit as Administrator. Open up the HKEY_USERS hive and look for users. Now, you aren’t going to see anything like Administrator or User, you’re going to see their SID. Each user is going to be a string of numbers and dashes that start with an S. You’ll need to modify everything with a [+] next to it to make sure you get everyone.

When you expand the users SID, you’re going to see something familiar like you did when you expanded the .Default key. So open up the users SID and you should be able to browse to Control Panel under that, and then keyboard under that one. After opening up keyboard, you should see the InitialKeyboardIndicators value. You should change that to a 2 to enable num lock.

One “gotcha” that I saw was that the datatypes on my V90 were not string values (REG_SZ). I don’t recall if it was a DWORD or BINARY, but it wasn’t string. I believe the value needs to be a string! I had to delete the value recreate it as a string in order to get it to work.

Another “gotcha” is that Windows XP saves the state of the Numlock key for you. So, when you are making the changes, turn the numlock key ON. If it’s off when you shut down (or log off)it will overwrite the value that you just changed for the user you are currently logged in as.

So in short, you need to manually edit that value for each user, as well as the default user, and turn the num lock key on manually for the user you are doing the edits on.

You could also disable the write filter, log in each user, turn the num lock key on manually, then enable the write filter again. But that seems a little more cumbersome to me.

You could also write a VB script to modify the value, then send it to the machines with a Rapport package and have it execute the file. It would be a little more scripting, but if you have a lot of machines it might be the way to go. Your VB script would need to enumerate the HKEY_USERS hive and determine if a branch was a user, make the change if it was, then move to the next branch.

Hopefully that helps you! I know how frustrating it is to be so close to a solution and not have it working! 🙂