Reply To: Did I [gulp] kill two of our 941GXL?

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Thanks for the explanation. I think it helped me to figure out what happened.

My egotistic side wants to say that I do recognize the difference among BIOS, CMOS, system memory, flash ram, and the like. But, truth be told, I had to go off the other day when I wrote my first followup and review the difference between CMOS and BIOS.

I think the confusion cleared when you said that the update or imaging process also updates the BIOS. I didn’t know that.

With that information, my best guess is that I did, in fact screw up the BIOS when re-imaging and then I repeated the mistake on another unit later. I’ll check to see how much Wyse charges for cleaning up the BIOS chips. Now where is that chip puller I used to need to upgrade memory on the old IBM XT machines.

Thanks again.