Reply To: Did I [gulp] kill two of our 941GXL?

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The BIOS is the same as a PC – its a small 1cm x 1cm chip. If its dead (no power or Wyse BIOA splash screen) you can pull it out and send it back to a Wyse services center to have it re-programed.

In my tinkering I have had to do this about 7 times now 🙂

The “flash” (NON volatile RAM) is plugged in to the IDE port and appears to the OS as a HDD. Just like a HDD you can screw the image up but a quick re-image fixes this.

Finally the RAM is PC133 RAM but I can recall the voltage – I know I tried a few old non Wyse DIMMS I had once and they did not work – I never got around to looking up what was in it exactly.

Imaging with WSI does update the BIOS, this happens fast but if interrupted or loaded with the wrong image you can corrupt the BIOS (which is what has happened to you?)
If you interrupt it during the main image load no problem just re-start the imaging job. You can also edit the 941Gpush.i2c file in the ftprootrapporttoolssa directory to stop the BIOS update (PUSHNOR=NO)