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Found it!

About Icons and Logos
Icons and logos specified in the configuration .ini files must be placed in the file server /
wnos/bitmap subdirectory. Icons are specified in the icon clause of the connect
statement and logos are specified in the FormURL statement. Supported image file types
include .ico (icon), .bmp (bitmap), .jpg (JPEG), and .gif(GIF). Color depth for logos can be
up to 256 colors. Color depth for icons can be 16 colors. It is recommended that .jpg
format not be used for desktop icons.
Use the following guidelines:
• Typical desktop icons are 64 x 48 Pixels
• Typical sign-on logos are 100 x 61 Pixels, with transparent background
• Maximum-Size for sign-on logos are 352 x 80 Pixels (if smaller than this, it will be
positioned at the top-left corner).