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Ahhh, I see!

You are moving files already on the terminal! The SF and XC commands will copy files from the ftp server (regroot) to the terminals. I have not tried but maybe you could test this:

XC “C:Program FilesICAClient*” “C:Documents and DettingsAll UsersApplications”

As I said I have not idea if XC supports copying files this way.

One other option is to use the EX (excute) command to issue a copy from the terminal or even just send down a batch file and execute a few commands:

XC “MyScriptfixica.cmd” “z:FixICA.cmd”
EX “Z:fixica.cmd””+”

Doing it this way allows you to use existing batch files, you have to send the script locally to before you execute and putting it on Z: will make sure it gets deleted on reboot so unwanted files are not left.

Sorry I did not get you drift the first time 😳