Reply To: Default RDP settings – specifying a unique username at login

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@thinkthin wrote:

So if we modified the ICA sample above usera would login, click the RDP icon and have the username pass into the session. I am not sure if this is a good setup and the user still has to enter the username at some stage.

Pass-thorough is normally used to pass the username and password directly into the session so you are not prompted again.

Some users use the terminal name and mac/serial as the pass through credentials to the user does not enter anything at all.

Sorry but I still am not sure why you dont want users to simply enter these details at login and want just the username filed in? My brain must be slowing 🙁

Oh I see what you are saying now. I don’t think I will be able to do what I wanted. The only reason I wanted the username automatically added to the TS login screen is that the users were used to this when they had their normal PCs. It is not end of the world but it would have been nice if I could have done it with minimal user ineraction. I may try out what you have suggested and see if they can cope with it but it may be easier just to leave it as is.

Many thanks again for your help, it is very much appreciated.