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Nice Comments BlackBurn!

I have used Ghost and on a network of 9455XL’s and it worked as long as you only take the second partition, not the whole disk.

There is no right or wrong way and I love sharing ideas in forums like this! I also used the Linux “PXES” distribution on a network of 9650’s and it worked great network booting. (this distro is now commercial and called “X2”)

With Ghost you do not capture the BIOS settings which may not be an issue, also any other method of delivering packages will need the write filter scripted off and on.

Finally I talk a lot about WDM/Rapport as these are the tools supplied and supported by Wyse, the free version is enough for most deployments. Its not perfect but it does the job for most however as with all things in IT – what ever works for you is best!!!

I really look forward to others posting how they deliver there XPe systems,