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We do it completely different here, no offence to the other method, cause we’re looking if we can combine the two methods.

Let’s get to the point.
Over here we have a very simple pc outside the main network, which is a DHCP/TFTP/PXE server.
If a Wyse is connected to this network, it gets an IP from the server and a boot-image, this boot image looks if it is a Wyse V90 or an 941GXL (the two types used in our company).

Then ghost is started with the right image and the Wyse nc gets imaged.

The whole process takes less then 90seconds!

We created this method after we had some bad experience with rapport, like BSOD’s, NC’s which get stuck while imaging and the time it takes with rapport was to long.

Afther this we had created a simple program that we call QuickNC (created with autoscript) and we run it on the NC with the right values and the NC is completely configured, the whole process including configuring the Wyse is about 5minutes.

If interested I could post a few examples/files.

We are now looking if we can get this process in our main network and also on our other locations, some of the difficulties is, that on the other locations (about 90) we only have a AS400 mainframe, instead of windows/linux servers. Maby WDM/rapport can help us with that, but that’s the future.