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Hi Joe

TT is right you will need WDM for the imaging process.

We deployed our devices with Rapport installed to a XP desktop to begin and this is enough to be able to build an image and take that from a device.

Then plug it into an isolated switch and image your devices on a private network prior to field deployment.

Any changes that we make we use rapport to deploy packages to each device which does not require PXE.

You will need to migrate the clients to the “actual” WDM server when you get that installed but believe me this will be little work compared to manually configuring each device, which you will most likley never get all the same.

You can also use the simple imager on a Notebook to image devices in the field if you have devices deployed and you need to change them.

But install WDM on your PC and get started that way it will save you hours of angst.

If you need any further help post.