Reply To: RDP on S50 in VPN WAN environment

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Hi Again,

I found the parameter to enter in the wlx.ini file (you are using this, right?)


Note this only works on firmware 6.3.0 build22 or better.

So in normal networks the MTU is 1500 however due to the overhead of the PPtP tunnel and WAN the packed needs to be smaller – normally the router does this.

In some instances the router gets it wrong and the packets get fragmented to much or not assembled correctly.

So try a value around this and see how you go, it may take so testing and it may not help you at all but worth a shot.

Also make sure you optimise the RDP setting you have on the devices for WAN and the colors=high and disable any unwanted mappings like sound.

Try slowly reducing the value (start at 1492 and Google for other values and more info in MTU). As you reduce the MTU to a packet capture again and see if the errors reduce.

Good luck, these issues can be a cow to track!