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Hi Joe,

Its WDM you will need. Even if its in the lab just to configure a master image. This image is “pulled” from a unit in the .i2d format, you can then use a lap top to update the device in the field but that’s slow.

There are 2 ways to deploy devices in the field and both require WDM.

1/ Master image. Configure a reference unit (see the evaluators guide on this site) and pull it from the unit. You then push this back to other units. This requires PXE to work.

2/ Package Changes. Build packages with the changes you want and just deliver the changes to deployed units with a factory image. I created some samples of this in the XPe downloads section, I can configure an entire device this way without the need to push 512MB of image over a WAN and it does not require PXE. Downside is it requires much more work and an advanced knowledge of Windows XP.

Good Luck and post if you get stuck!