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Hi Joe,

Have you looked at the Wyse Device Manager yet? AKA Rapport.

While I am still on the old version of this 4.4.1 new version is 4.5.1 see the article on this site.

WDM will allow you to build a device image and redeploy this to your clients directly from the WDM server, using PXE.

You can then image each device prior to deploying to the desktops, this product can be used in it’s free mode or you can upgrade it to a fully licensed product that provides more functionality.

Give it a go, I have found that this is by far the best way to manage your devices and ensure that you have a standard base SOE to work from across your devices.

Please note you only need PXE to image to deploy updates and individual packages to your devices you do not need to use PXE so you will not ‘have’ to enable XPE across your entire network.

I’m running mine in a Virtual environment and have no performance issues.

I hope this helps, good luck.