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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the support of the site, its kind of a strange hobby of mine doing this but I enjoy it.

The HServerInit service in meant to stop, it will briefly start and then stop again when the server boots so do not worry about it not being up.

If you you open the console and it says the “Hservice is not started” or there are errors in the event log about the Hservice/web service not starting then this is a problem. It is actually saying the Rapport service tried to start and use the Hservice and it failed – confusing I know.

So, do you have any errors in the event log or on opening the console? Joe’s suggestion was great to fix the Rapport service. I have not tested on SP2 so I can not say if this is an issue. Also, check IIS it on port 80 and that the local Rapport account has its password set to never expire.

Post back with the event logs and we can go from there,