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Cool. I took one of the existing scripts and modified it. I was able to register it in Rapport. I applied it to a V90 and the device initially rebooted (I take it since the WF automatically gets disabled and thus reboots). The device came back online and then the message about the Admin is configuring the device… appeared. The device rebooted a second time. All good so far, right? Well, the files I needed to update did not get updated and there was an error in the Scheduled Packages that read:

Error Code: 10001
Desc: Script Processing Error. Please see Help…
Extended Error Desc: XC Failed: 550 Line#:32 SF “MF_FQDN_V90MF_FQDN_V90*” “c:program filespowerterm”

Note: I also tried the XC versus SF command and got the same error message. Ohh So close…

My Script looks like this:

Description=Copies MF_FQDN_V90 Files
Category=Other Packages

;DATE: 30 March, 2007
;Prepared and Written by Paul Lantolf
; This package is for use with preSP1, SP1 & SP2 builds of XPE.

; Check Operating System, Check SP level and Confirm free space

CV “c:windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe” “>=” “5.1.2600.0”
CV “c:windowssystem32ntoskrnl.exe” “<=" "5.1.2600.2622"

CF “C” “2000”


; Lockout


; Copy over newer files

;XC “MF_FQDN_V90*” “c:Program FilesPowerTerm”
SF “MF_FQDN_V90*” “c:Program FilesPowerTerm”

; End Lockout and Reboot