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way to stretch my brain

if you can get the results on the device
why not send the results to a file matching the unique machine name of each device and sending that back to the WDM FTP server.

That way you can send one script to all the devices and have each create a unique file to review. You could even save as .csv and merge into a larger xls spreadsheet.

Is there an output option from the application run here: EX “c:runreport.exe” “+” ? You could then add a line like this to create unique filename:

EX “copy c:QFE_results.txt c:%computername%.txt”
GF “c:%computername%.txt %computername%.txt”
DF “c:%computername%.txt”
DF “c:QFE_results.txt”

*NOTE I haven’t tested this at all, its just a possible example you might consider. Its relying on the system variable %computername% to create the unique filenames.