Reply To: help setting up rapport for 8440xl’s

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The XLs (9440, 8440, and 5440) were initially products from a company called Netier. The last models were rebranded after the merger and CPU boosted to 400mhz.

Last downloads are still listed on the Wyse site:

I’m pretty sure its EOL so there won’t be any support from Wyse for configuring it, but if you install Rapport 4.4.1 and place the units on the same subnet you should be able to discover them and upgrade to HTTP management.

It you’re looking for a “touch and feel” then I don’t know that’s a fair comparison as its a very old platform and functions completely different from anything shipping from any TC vendor I’m aware of.

I agree with TT, it sounds like the blazer/WTOS is exactly what you are looking for and its one of the cheapest TCs available…and in my personal opinion one of very few “true thin clients”.