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The trick will be to create an image with a script in the run-once section of the registry and do the naming this way. When the unit boots after a re-image it flushes the cache and re-names itself to XPE and does a PNP of hardware – this is the time to flush the script. Once you apply a custom name the unit will no longer change machine name.

So, you could create a script to do a reverse DHCP look up and have the reservations ready or use the tool you mentioned. The MAC is on the outside of the box so if you bar-code scan the box and match it to the asset number this makes it easier.

If you do collect the bar-code/asset number you could simply have someone rename then from the WDM console as the units come up on the network. It really depends on how many units you have to deploy and how hands free you need to make it.

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